Workshop visit – Technical partitions

Discover our exceptional project. More than 600m² of industrial partitions, not far from Kortrijk.

It is with enthusiasm that we invite you to an exclusive tour of a leading project of separation walls with hemp blocks in the tertiary sector, set up for the company Cretes.

More than 600m² of hemp block walls have found their place in the heart of the production site of Cretes, a global player in the flax and hemp sector, active in the textile and recycling industry.

Project objectives
Dividing workspaces: Discover how hemp blocks redefine the working environment.
Sound comfort: Dive into the experience of optimal sound comfort, creating a serene working environment.
Fire resistance: Explore the exceptional fire resistance of hemp blocks, which meet the strictest safety standards.

Carbon footprint: Explore how this project has reduced its carbon footprint by using a natural material, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.